Q.  Joe, why has Iowa been so successful, especially lately?  And are there similarities between the way you run your program and Kirk runs his?

COACH PATERNO: Well, I don’t know about the similarities.  I can tell you, Iowa has been a good, solid football team that’s played extremely well against us.  And I think Kirk’s done a great job.  They’re recruiting well.

He’s been able to keep his coaching staff together.  That defensive coordinator (Norm Parker) does a great job for them.  He’s been with them a long time.  And I think when he (Kirk Ferentz) plays Penn State there’s a little bit something there because he is a Pennsylvania kid and his father‑in‑law and I were high school teammates together Gerry Hart.

But, they just do a good job.  They recruit well.  Their kids play hard.  They’re disciplined.  You’ve got to beat them. 

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