Q&A: Jason Peters, Georgia Tech

Quotes from The ACC Kickoff (Day One) held at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro, N.C.

Does the 3-4 defense require bigger, stronger players on the line?

The 3-4 requires linemen to be strong. At this point, we can only get so much bigger and stronger, but what we can control is how hard we work. I think the work we did in the spring, in the offseason, will really help us.

And what is your weight?

My target weight is 280-285 and I’m close to that now.

What about the depth on the defensive line?

I think we will surprise a lot of people with our depth on the line. Now that we are in a 3-4 I think you’ll see us rotate guys quite often.

How close are you to fully understanding the 3-4?


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