Q&A: HC Brad Childress, Minnesota

Alright guys, I know you have work to do. We went bi-coastal, Virginia and Stanford. Two bastions of higher learning, at least as far as I’m concerned. Two different flavors of football players, a bigger corner and a bigger back. We obviously like both of those kids. I think in (Chris) Cook coming out of high school he was an all-around athlete and obviously zeroed in on defensive secondary. I know he played safety and corner but we see him as a bigger corner, just a different person than we have currently on the roster. A young Leslie Frazier if you will, who wasn’t too bad either. With Toby (Gerhart) you see a very versatile athlete I know that he carried the ball between the tackles. In speaking with Jim Harbaugh (Stanford Head Coach) he’s exceptional in the pass game it’s not something that is highly emphasized although

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