Pro Day Spotlight: Scouts Flock To Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen won’t throw. Golden Tate probably won’t run the 40-yard dash. Sam Young won’t lift. And first-year Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly won’t even so much as eavesdrop.

Still, there’ll be enough activity at ND’s Pro Day Tuesday at the Loftus Center that NFL scouts representing anywhere from 20 to 32 teams will show up and take notes.

Seniors from the 2009 team who will get their first chance to entrance scouts are running back James Aldridge, safety Sergio Brown, offensive tackle Paul Duncan, cornerback Raeshon McNeil, wide receiver Robby Parris, defensive end Morrice Richardson and linebackers Scott Smith and Toryan Smith.

Clausen, meanwhile, will have his own Pro Day on April 9 at Notre Dame. The reason the likely top-10 draft pick won’t work out Tuesday is that the California quarterback still hasn’t recovered sufficiently from January foot surgery to get proper push

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