Pro Day Results: Notre Dame

Following are results from Notre Dame’s Pro Day held Tuesday at the Loftus Center courtesy of South Bend Tribune. Quarterback Jimmy Clausen will work out for scouts on April 9. David Grimes and Asaph Schwapp last played in 2008. Grimes was cut by Denver last year, Schwapp by Dallas.

James Aldridge, RB

Vertical: 31.5 feet

Broad jump: 9 feet, 4 inches

Bench press: 14 (number of times lifted 225 pounds)

40-yard dash: 4.53, 4.52 seconds

Pro agility: 4.4 seconds

3-cone drill: 7.0 seconds

60-yard shuttle: 11.38 seconds

Sergio Brown, DB

Vertical: 35.0

Broad jump: 10-3

Bench press: 15

40-yard dash: 4.53, 4.46 and 4.44

Pro agility: 4.06

3-cone drill: 6.67

60-yard shuttle: 11.15

Paul Duncan, OL

Vertical: 29.5

Broad jump: 9-0

Bench press: 30

40-yard dash: 5.21, 5.3

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