Poll: Akeem Ayers or Justin Houston?

The NFL Draft Bible recently conducted an internal organizational poll, which asked: “Which outside linebacker will be selected first in the 2011 NFL Draft?” – Akeem Ayers of UCLA or Justin Houston of Georgia. The Results: 4-2 for Justin Houston.

Ric Serritella Houston

Daniel Mogollon Houston

Ross Mandel Houston

Ralph Mancini Houston

Bo Marchionte Ayers

Joe Everett Ayers

Pro Ayers:

Ayers versatility will result in more teams taking a gander at him, while Houston is more pigeon holed as a 3-4 OLB type.  Ayers can do more things and has more hype.

Pro Houston:

While Akeem Ayers is the more well-rounded player at this point, again it is about getting to the quarterback with many of these prospects and that plays into Justin Houston’s strength.

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