Podcast: Scott Brunner, TEST Sports QB Mentor

Today’s guest on All Access Football Scott Brunner led the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens to the NCAA Division II national title in his only year as a starter in 1979. The success lead the New York Giants to draft Brunner in the sixth of round of the 1980 NFL Draft where he would play with them for four seasons and one with the St. Louis Cardinals. Brunner has remained close to the game training and helping develop quaterbacks at both the high school and college levels working at TEST Sports Performance Center in Martinville, New Jersey. The ex-Blue Hen has helped another Blue Hen Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens in his development while going through the draft processs and on todays show Brunner will share his insight into which of the rookie quarterbacks of thr 2011 has the make up to eventually be one of the  top

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