Podcast: NFL Draft Bible Extravaganza Part I

BONANZA! The NFL Draft Bible Extravaganza part one kick off Friday, April 15th. These were our most popular shows last year and we will do several of these leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft. For those new to the Extravaganza experience, we have a smorgasbord of top draft prospects, prominent media members, current and former coaches…you just never know who’s going to drop by from the football world! Hosted by the the NFL Draft Bible Familia, dedicated to all the draftniks out there.

Show Summary: We get great perspective from some of the secondary prospects in the NFL Draft such as DeAndre McDaniel telling us that Came Newton is a one-read quarterback, Raheem Moore explaining how Jake Locker telegraphs his passes and Quinton Carter weighs in on whether Blaine Gabbert is worth a first round pick. Also, NFL Alumni Association Director and Super Bowl Champion George

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