On Location: Tony Romo To Have Free Reigns

NFL Draft Bible correspondent Bo Marchionte on location at the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame Game:

Romo Allowed More Freedom in 2010
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said during the HOF Media Session that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett would allow him to do more check-downs at the line of scrimmage. “You grow, get a little older and in the same system for a extended time. We will do a little more at the line for sure.” Romo said. “It’s all based off what each defense is. What’s going on. Yeah I’d say there would be a few more things.”

Being A Cowboy Worth The Wait For James
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James from LSU said back in 2003 during the draft he actually thought he was heading to another team besides Dallas. James said about the idea of going somewhere else, “Yeah, actually thought I could go to the

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