On Location: Thanksgiving With The Steelers

“Candied yams, turkey, stuffing, all those good desserts, it’s a fun time,” said seven-year veteran Max Starks on what he likes to eat on Thanksgiving Day. “There’s a reason we play offensive line,” joked Starks. “All of us are over 300 pounds.” After talking candied yams and turkey, the conversation turned to who can eat the most when it comes to the O-line of the Steelers. Starks evaluated the big-plate hitters from the Steelers, “Chris Kemoeatu has a nice appetite, so do Trai Essex and myself.”

Nothing strange there; simple question with a simple response from Starks, although things took an entertaining turn when I asked his teammate Jonathan Scott, who was sitting right next to him still dripping with sweat after the 35-3 win over the Oakland Raiders, who could eat the most? “Oh my bad, my bad,” laughed Scott as he nudged his elbow into

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