Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o Weighing His Options

Already, Brian Te’o said, letters and calls from agents and visitors on behalf of agents have found their way to Laie, Hawaii. Already, the Te’os consulted with Notre Dame compliance officials to manage that. Already, Te’o is a top 20 prospect for the 2012 NFL draft according to one analyst and his parents considered buying an insurance policy for this fall. This is no guarantee Te’o plays his final game for Notre Dame this winter. That depends on Te’o, in many ways. “That’s a big if — and the ‘if’ is, if I play well,” Te’o said. “My whole focus is on this season … on my team. There’s going to be a time for me to think about that. Right now, it’s not the time. … Hopefully, I perform well and I have that option, I become eligible to make that decision. Until then, I’m going to

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