NFL: Trade Brings Skelton to Arizona

The Pittsburgh Steelers have traded their fifth-round pick to the Arizona Cardinals for CB Bryant McFadden, who previously played for the Black and Gold. With their pick, the Cards selected QB John Skelton from Fordham University.

Mancini’s Take: Coach Ken Whisenhunt clearly isn’t comfortable with Matt Leinart as his head triggerman. The California Cool signal caller should be the lead man to start the season, but he’ll be on a very short leash with Derek Anderson waiting in the wings. Skelton is a developmental option with serious upside. The young man’s foot work is a bit off and he needs to add some touch on his short to intermediate throws. But his size and arm strength are exceptional, as is his ability to scan the field and make quality downfield throws. On the other end of the deal, the Steelers bring back a physical and aggressive cornerback in McFadden that has performed

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