NFL Team Capsules: Cincinnati Bengals

Studs: WR Chad Ochocinco, WR Terrell Owens

Duds: WR Antonio Bryant

Sleepers: RB Bernard Scott

X-Factor: Can QB Carson Palmer regain his old form to create an explosive offensive?

Synopsis: Getcha popcorn ready, Cincinnati is going to be providing a show this season. After taking the division last year in a triumph return to NFL contention, the Bengals added the flashy Terrell Owens, to go along with the spectacular Chad Ochocinco. The team watched RB Cedric Benson rejuvenate his career with 1,251 rushing yards a year ago and hope that Carson Palmer can finally reach his old potential, now that his injury problems appear to be behind him. Adding rookies WR Jordan Shipley and TE Jermaine Gresham provide the Bengals with even more weaponry. The defense is expecting to get to the quarterback

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