NFL: Supersized Coffee in San Francisco

According to sources, Glen Coffee, who played last season between 205 and 210 pounds, plans to bulk up to 225 pounds this season.

Mancini’s Take: You think Coffee may be feeling the heat from 233-pound Anthony Dixon coming in and vying for his job? I understand why the second-year man is bulking up. Obviously, the Niners are looking for a punishing inside back to complement the versatile Frank Gore. But adding more weight isn’t going to make Coffee a better player. In fact, the extra pounds will probably just slow him down, which isn’t a good thing for a performer who hasn’t shown much in the way of lateral movement. Coffee was a bit of disappointment last year in the way he just ran straight ahead for little yardage, providing very little wiggle and no juice. What happened to the slasher I saw at Alabama? Where’s that running back who actually

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