NFL: Seneca Wallace Vying for #1 Spot

Tony Grossi of The Plain Dealer says don’t count out Seneca Wallace from wresting the starting quarterback job away from Brady Quinn in 2010. The veteran sports writer goes on to say: “The perennial Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback came to the Browns in a trade Monday night for an undisclosed 2011 draft pick believed to be in the middle rounds. But nobody in the NFL probably values Wallace more than Browns President Mike Holmgren.”

Mancini’s Take: Wallace has been one of the best backup signal callers in the NFL for a while now. Does that mean he’ll be a quality starter over 16 games? He can be, but the 5’10” triggerman’s lack of size works against him in that he’s someone that constantly has to be rolled out of the pocket in order for him to scan the entire field. Though limited, Wallace is a better player than Quinn at this

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