NFL: Ronnie Brown Far from 100%

The AP reports that Ronnie Brown “seemed to be limping noticeably at times” in Wednesday’s return to practice.

Mancini’s Take: The truth about Ronnie is that he may nearing the end. Brown has already endured a torn ACL in 2007 and now is trying to bounce back from the dreaded Lisfranc fracture that effectively ended the careers of Ericct Rhett and Duce Staley not too long ago. The fact that Brown is still limping around with only two months left before training camp is discouraging. The big back was more than a multi-purpose weapon, he was the heart and soul of the Wildcat offense. No one ran the Wildcat better. Even if Brown does come back, he won’t any more durable. The Dolphins can’t rely on him like they used to. Ricky Williams can still ball, but running him into the ground like Dave Wannstedt once did would be ill-advised

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