NFL: Patrick Crayton Taking a Stand

For the second time in consecutive weeks, Dallas wide receiver Patrick Crayton will reportedly skip organized team activities. A message sent out by Crayton’s agent, Fred Lyles, Sunday night confirmed that he wouldn’t be in attendance. Sources indicate that the veteran wide out is seeking a trade.

Mancini’s Take: Crayton’s obviously feeling squeezed. The presence of rookie Dez Bryant means that the 30-year-old veteran would have to take a backseat to the likes of Miles Austin, Roy Williams, Bryant and the emerging Kevin Ogletree. While an argument can be made that the mediocre Crayton isn’t as bad as Williams, the slot receiver isn’t good enough to take such bold action. He should let his play do the talking and earn himself a bigger role on the field. But, that’s always been the problem with Crayton; the man likes to talk. All that talking didn’t do him an ounce of good two

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