NFL: No Takers for Perrilloux…Yet

According to Vikings beat writer Judd Zulgad, the team never did sign undrafted free agent Ryan Perrilloux.

Mancini’s Take: The troubled, but talented Perrilloux was brought in for a tryout and the one thing that coach Brad Childress came away impressed with was his arm strength. No one has ever questioned the 23-year-old’s arm or athleticism. He’s certainly capable of feeling pressure in the pocket and unleashing 60-yard rainbows downfield. The problem is that he only shows flashes of that ability. Perrilloux is a maddeningly inconsistent player who in between great throws will fumble snaps and make errant passes under pressure. What pro coaches want to know is: Does he have the head for the game? Let’s not forget that this is the same guy who was suspended multiple times at LSU for missing classes, along with skipping meetings and team workouts. A quarterback has to be a student of the

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