NFL: Matt Leinart Offers Low Cost/High Reward

The Los Angeles Daily News is “hearing” that the Seahawks have spoken to free agent Matt Leinart about playing in Seattle, according to USC Trojans beat writer Scott Wolf.

How this speculation begins is anyone’s guess. NFL teams are not allowed to contact or speak with pending free agents or the agents who represent them.

If the Seahawks truly believed Leinart was an option as a strrter, they would have most likely made a play for him during free agency a year ago.

However with the chances of Matt Hsselbeck re-signing looking loke a 50/50 prposition, Leinart could be a contingent policy to Chalie Whitehurst since he is familiar with the team’s offensive scheme playing under Pete Carroll at USC.

It has been six long years since the two were enjoying the Trojans’ glory years, Carroll will be looking for a remedy at quarterback

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