NFL: Latest Quarterback Buzz

BIG BEN FILL-IN: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that veteran wide receiver Hines Ward is getting a bit antsy about knowing who his starting quarterback is going to be during Ben Roethlisberger’s four-to-six-week suspension. Ward believes that it’s imperative that the starter get the proper amount of reps with his pass catchers during the summer. Said Ward: “You do (need to get a rapport), and hopefully by training camp we have a guy that we name. If not, I’m not going to go up to Coach Tomlin and tell him what he needs to be doing.”

Mancini’s Take: Well, the choices are Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon. Leftwich has the upper-hand in terms of experience, but everything about him is slow from his release to his footwork in the pocket. The man is a sitting duck, and will just end up make life that much easier

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