NFL: Jags Set Sights On Brady Quinn

Josina Anderson of FOX 31 Denver reports that the Jaguars have interest in Brady Quinn and an unnamed pass rusher on the Broncos’ roster.

Mancini’s Take: As the football world is still scratching its head and trying to make sense of the first-round pick wasted on Tim Tebow, Denver needs to eliminate the existing logjam at the quarterback position. Tebow is the prized rookie, who’ll eventually be handed the starting job (you would think), while Kyle Orton is the mediocre placeholder with Tom Brandstater serving as the trusty third-stringer. So, where does that leave Quinn? The Myoplex poster boy was once a highly regarded first-round pick himself and he seriously wants one more chance to be some team’s face of the franchise. But it’s probably not happening in the Mile High City. Moving him to Jacksonville makes a lot of sense. The Cats are losing patience with the physically gifted, but

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