NFL: Inside The Numbers Playoff Edition

“This team is such a strong team. You knew they were going to give everything they had, and it was enough,” said Dan Rooney while commenting on his Steelers’ win over the Baltimore Ravens. The chairman emeritus of the organization added, “It was a great game. Both teams played extremely well. It was a battle and I’m happy we came out victorious.”

Mr. Rooney touched on something when he said, “This is team is such a strong team.” This isn’t the same Steelers team that won the Super Bowl only two short years ago. Willie Parker, the team’s leading rusher, is gone as are the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII, Santonio Holmes, who was dealt the New York Jets for a fifth round pick, and former kicker Jeff Reed, who was part of the last two Steelers Super Bowl-winning teams.

The Heinz Field crowd of 64,879

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