NFL: Hines Ward Weighs In On NYC Super Bowl

Under NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell we are seeing some new wrinkles to the old and familiar we are accustomed to, like the NFL Draft being held on prime time this past April and now in 2014, the Super Bowl in New York City. Outside during February, burr! This could be one for the ages if the city is under snow, with the makings of the ‘Heidi Game’ legend coming to mind.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward said “It don’t bother me, we are from Pittsburgh. So I mean you would love to go south and play in great weather conditions,” but the competitor Ward is also said that “Your playing in the greatest game of all, your mind better not be worried on the weather.”

Ward wasn’t fazed by the idea of New York City saying, “It’s one of the greatest cities in the U.S., what

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