NFL: Falcons Leave T.O. Hanging

Beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter doesn’t believe the Falcons are interested in free agent Terrell Owens.

Mancini’s Take: There goes another team that’s turning its back on the fading wide out. A lot of people talk about T.O.’s me-first, selfish persona as the reason why there haven’t been any takers thus far. While that certainly is a factor, the real reason why Owens isn’t as coveted as he once was is because he’s no longer great. Is he still a physical specimen at 36? No doubt. He’s one of the greatest athletes I’ve ever seen and certainly one of the most powerful receivers ever. But nowadays, there’s a little something missing in his burst. He doesn’t quite get the same separation he did in his prime years. Yeah, you may still see him break loose for a long play here and there, but he’s doing it with less frequency. Cornerbacks are

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