NFL Draft Countdown | No.2 Jadeveon Clowney

Pros: An immediate impact starter as a freshman at the SEC level, Clowney has the most impressive combination of athleticism and explosion of any defensive lineman in college football. His burst off the ball snap is where the battle begins for opposing linemen, who then have to deal with his size, strength and speed. The South Carolina native can play inside and out but has rare pass-rush qualities that could translate into being an elite defensive end at the next level.

Cons: Coaches have criticized Clowney for not practicing hard enough at all times. Ironically, he seems to come up with big plays during critical moments, which is something he’s ben doing since high school—Clowney logged a remarkable 52 ½ sacks during his final two seasons. However, his conditioning has come into question since his arrival at South Carolina. He admitted that the playbook

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