NFL Draft Countdown | No.11 Jackson Jeffcoat

Pros: You might mistake Jeffcoat for a human grenade because he is constantly blowing up opponents’ backfields. Sound familiar? His father Jim was a great pass-rusher for the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Their body build is similar, as Jackson has bulked up to 265 and still has the frame to add more size.

Cons: With his father serving as a mentor, Jeffcoat has worked to improve his technique and learn to explode off the snap of the ball. While he has shown improvement in his footwork, that is another area that he constantly works on getting better at. He admits to still learning when to depend on his speed versus utilizing his strength.

Medical Report: After starting all 13 games as sophomore, Jeffcoat needed surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle in his left shoulder and was forced to sit out spring practices.

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