NFL Draft Bible Roundtable Mock Draft

During Sunday’s Draft Digest episode Daniel Mogollon, Ralph Mancini and Justin Van Fulpen conducted the second annual live round table mock draft.  Below we list who went where.  Click here to listen for the why each pick was made.

1. St. Louis Rams (Justin Van Fulpen) QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma

2. Detroit Lions (Ralph Mancini) DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

3. Tampa Bay Bucs (Dan Mogollon) – S Eric Berry, Tennessee

4. Washington Redskins (Justin) OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

5. Kansas City Chiefs (Ralph) OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

6. Seattle Seahawks (Dan) RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson

7. Cleveland Browns (Justin) – DE Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma

8. Oakland Raiders (Ralph) – DE Jason Pierre-Paul,

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