NFL: Adam Carriker Dealt to ‘Skins

The Washington Redskins have reportedly acquired DT Adam Carriker from the St. Louis Rams for an disclosed package.

Mancini’s Take: Could the Redskins be setting themselves up for a deal that would ship Albert Haynesworth to the Detroit Lions? Things sure look to be headed in that direction, but that remains to be seen. The fact is: the Redskins need to rid themselves of their $100 million malcontent and bring in players that are committed to winning. That’s not to say that the former Titan isn’t one of the most dominant defenders in the game, but he clearly isn’t happy about transitioning to the 3-4 and has recently shown that he’s often content with giving a half-hearted effort now that he has the security of his current contract. On the flip side, you don’t win games with choir boys; you contend with talent first and foremost. Haynesworth will be

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