Mixed Reviews Thus Far for Joe Haden

NFL.com Senior Analyst Mike Lombardi weighed in on CB Joe Haden’s subpar performance thus far in camp sessions. He said: “Haden has not been very impressive in camps and might not have enough speed to play corner. Maybe all that talk about some in the organization wanted to take Kyle Wilson over Haden was true.”

Mancini’s Take: I don’t know if Haden’s performance has been quite as negative as some are making it out to be. The former Gator has undoubtedly hit some rough patches, but he’s also made plays and, at times, even shown good recovery speed. He’ll never be Darrell Green, but let’s not make him out to be Otis “My Man” Smith just yet either. If Haden appeared a step slow on occasion, it would be too easy to blame all that on his pure foot speed or lack thereof. The rookie still has a lot to

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