Minnesota Stadium Talks Heating Up

The Vikings have wanted a new stadium for years, but until recently there has been little progress made toward that end. With only two years left on the Metrodome lease, there is a growing need to get the process in motion before it is too late. Funding has always been an issue, but Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has kicked around the idea of a state lottery, which is the same kind of funding that was used to build the stadiums for the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, and Baltimore Ravens. There is also the idea of an NFL memorabilia tax on items such as jerseys and t-shirts, which would be banked into a “stadium” fund.

Minnesota Vikings Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development, Lester Bagley, claims there is progress in negotiations which will hopefully put them in position to get the deal done in the short term.

“There’s enough momentum and

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