Max Hall, John Skelton Duke it Out in Arizona

Arizona Cardinals QB Max Hall appears to have the edge over QB John Skelton in the competition for the team’s No. 3 quarterback job, reports The Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers.

Mancini’s Take: If Hall does indeed have the upper hand over Skelton it can basically be summed up by the fact that the former has outstanding touch, while the latter is lacking in that department. The mobile BYU product is an accurate thrower on short to mid-range passes and has a compact delivery. However, Hall is only six-feet tall and lacks the arm to make all the NFL throws. Skelton, conversely, is a 6-5 power passer who can fire the ball into small windows. The big Texan is raw in terms of his technique and delivery, but has the physical tools to be an effective starter one day. Hall may be the more polished player at this point, but he doesn’t

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