Mandel: Fair-Weather Fans Should Quit Whining

Hello, Super Bowl. Welcome to New York and New Jersey. We’re excited to have you.

The NFL’s owners voted Tuesday to have the 2014 Super Bowl in the state of the art, billion-dollar Meadowlands, home of the Giants and Jets. The decision is not without controversy, but is anything “New York” without its vociferous detractors? The complainers are already out in full force, focusing their angst at the area’s February weather. The 24 to 40-degree temperatures are too cold, they say. It could create a nightmare for the two weeks leading up to the game, with all the parties and events impacted negatively, they say. What if, heaven forbid, it rains or even snows? What about the treacherous Meadowlands wind? Arizona Cardinals’ President Michael Bidwell said, “We’ll all pray it doesn’t snow that day.” Really? That’s what you’re praying for? Do people actually think it snows

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