Lance Kendricks | "Like A Man Possessed"

Lance Kendricks “Like A Man Possessed”
Rookie Lance Kendricks has been turning heads in workouts with the Rams, according to Tony Softli of ESPN 101 St. Louis. The source noted that Kendricks “ran like a man possessed.” Kendricks caught everything thrown in his direction and “displayed the size-speed combination that safeties will struggle with covering deep.”

Mancini’s Take: To those who have regularly watched the former Badger, the athleticism he’s currently showcasing was never in doubt. The 243-pound Kendricks is essentially a big receiver. He runs precise routes and makes explosive plays down the seam and in the flat, as well as being able to haul in tough catches along the sideline. Plus, when he tracks the ball over his shoulder he looks and moves a lot like a receiver. The one flaw I see with him as a pass catcher is that he

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