Johnson, Tate Likely Out for the Year

Tennessee’s Stafon Johnson and Houston’s Ben Tate both suffered brutal injuries Saturday night that will in all likelihood prematurely end their respective seasons.

Mancini’s Take: Johnson’s injury in particular (a dislocated ankle) is most unfortunate when you factor in his improbable comeback from a crushed larynx he experienced last year. The USC product was just battling for a reserve spot, but showed signs of being a productive player in Saturday’s game versus Seattle by gaining 23 yards on three carries, including a 17-yard run. During his college years, Johnson was known to be a patient back with good vision. Some have already speculated that the rookie’s latest setback may signal the end of his days as a football player. To Johnson’s credit, he’s shown that he has a lot of heart, so we would be jumping the gun if we didn’t think he could reemerge from his severe ankle

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