Jock Sanders-The Best Return Man In The Draft

Prognosticators from around the country have already left a long trail of not-so-favorable assessments of West Virginia wide receiver Jock Sanders, most concluding that the 5’6”, 180-pound pass catcher is just too small, does not play physically enough and carries with him a journal too full of examples of poor decision making to warrant an NFL team taking a chance on him in this upcoming Thursday’s draft.

At best, look for Sanders to go in the very last round, but more likely, be forced to earn a spot on a professional roster through free agency.

Let them say what they will; Sanders responds in kind. Such discussion only inspires him to work harder and prove such pundits wrong. He wants to make sure that his own version of reality comes to light – one in which he surprises plenty with an all-around athleticism reminiscent

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