Jeremiah Masoli Making a Move to the NFL?

Sources indicate that that NFL teams are keeping tabs on Jeremiah Masoli, the former University of Oregon quarterback who was kicked off the team this spring following burglary and drug possession charges. Masoli is reportedly considering entering next month’s supplemental draft.

Mancini’s Take: While Masoli is intelligent enough to play quarterback at the next level, he’s simply not tall enough to prosper long term at the position and doesn’t quite have the arm to put some good arc on deep throws. What he can do is play running back. Not only does he have the ideal size to be a quality runner at 5-11, 220 pounds, but he’s also blessed with superior strength, as evidenced by his ability to bench 330 pounds and squat 475 pounds. His tree trunk-like legs allow him to blast through opposing defenses in short yardage situations. When you combine that with his change-of-direction skills, 4.5 speed

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