Interview: Former All Pro Kyle Turley

People might not remember the date November 4, 2001 but they remember the play with Kyle Turley slinging his helmet into the Superdome sky after New York Jets Damien Robinson tried to roughhouse Turley’s quarterback Aaron Brooks. Yes, that is what we remember about Kyle Turley but what the next generation of Kyle Turley fans will remember him by is his blend of country and rock with his first album “Anger Management”. Gridiron Records created by both Turley and Tim Pickett are forging there way into the music scene and with lyrics like “I love Jerry Jones. I want to be a Cowboy” from track two called “Flyin Helmets lll” fills the desire for both good music with a edge with some football flavor in the mix. Join host Bo Marchionte with special guest Kyle Turley on the NFL Draft Bible Player Spotlight Show Presented By All Access Football.

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