Inside The Numbers — Michael Floyd

Under the lights Saturday night in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while an exciting unfolded between Notre Dame and Michigan, I watched the heroics of Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson. But something was lost in transition.

The Fighting Irish have seen their fair share of top receivers—Tim Brown, Raghib ‘Rocket’ Ismail and Golden Tate—make their mark in South Bend, but it’s current senior Michael Floyd who will leave Notre Dame leading the school in every receiving category in the record books.

“It’s amazing that someone as physically big as he is looks like he has that extra burst,” said Rocket Ismail. “It’s pretty impressive to see.” That physical presence is due to Floyd’s immense size of 6’3” and 225 pounds, which allows him to monster over most defenders, who pale in comparison to his elite size.

The luck

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