Impact & Analysis: An Inside Look At Favre

Spring simply wouldn’t be spring without some discussion about Brett Favre’s decision to retire…or not. Like a Hollywood movie Favre writes the script, leaving the audience in suspense until the final minutes before training camp. However, this year there is little suspense: it’s clear he will return.

It was only 11 months ago that the flirtation between Favre and the Vikings became a reality. After stringing us along for weeks, Favre made the decision to return for his 19th NFL season.

With 285 regular season starts and 19 seasons under his belt, the savvy veteran knows he can avoid annoyances like, say, training camp in the dog days of summer.  

After he signed with the Vikings, I wrote a piece on the success of quarterbacks who have spent a large and successful amount of time with one team before moving elsewhere toward

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