Emmitt Smith | Leading Rusher Joins Legends

Emmitt Smith didn’t blast out of the gate like Eric Dickerson did during his rookie season. In fact, Smith’s 937 rushing yards were fewer than quarterback Randall Cunningham’s 942 in 1990. Following that, however, Smith carved out a career like no other.
After Smith’s 15 seasons in the NFL, one analogy that surprised the media assembled at the 2010 Hall of Fame came from the former Florida Gator himself, who compared his career to a bowl of gumbo.
The former Cowboy said, “I look at everything as a big bowl of gumbo. It takes a lot of ingredients to make that gumbo good. You can have okra gumbo that’s not as good…you could have a seafood gumbo from the bayou that’s very good…there is a difference between the two.”
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