Dukie V’s: Donovan Varner & Conner Vernon

When talking about the best receiving talent in the Atlantic Coast Conference over the last few seasons, one might naturally turn to those who recently were/currently are members of tried-and-true powerhouse programs such as the University of Miami and Florida State University…and why not? A quick review of some of those who have left indelible marks at each program over the past five years includes the names of pass catchers such as Bert Reed, Willie Haulstead, Greg Carr, Chris Davis, Leonard Hankerson, Aldarius Johnson and Travis Benjamin.

Yet, since 2008, a new group of talent has begun to make waves in the conference at the wideout position. The spotlight is perhaps now shining brightest on a pair of receivers playing for a program that, prior to the arrival of current head coach David Cutcliffe, would be the last place anyone would expect to find

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