Draft: The Lunch Bucket Squad

Some players take a while to develop, physically…like Ohio University defensive back Thad Turner for example. They nicknamed him “The Worm” because he was about 140 pounds when he arrived on campus. Since then, he’s added almost 50 pounds and now fits the mold of a NFL defensive back. It’s the guys who have already developed, who already weigh 180 coming out of high school, that garner more attention from college recruiters. It is they who have a leg up for scholarships to bigger schools and are one step closer to the NFL.

Being able to talk with players from all walks of football life, from the Florida Gators to Tufts University, you get a real feel for who has the attitude to take it to the next level. However, even with the right attitude, when you aren’t from a big school or a big conference, the

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