Draft Spin Cycle: QB Marve Back on the Radar

In a release sent to the media by Purdue University, we learned that head coach Danny Hope has officially named Robert Marve the starting quarterback heading into fall practice. Marve, who began his career at the University of Miami, was tied atop the depth chart with sophomore Caleb TerBush during the spring.

“We like everything about Robert—his ability to throw the football, run with the football, and lead our team from the quarterback position—and we want him to begin practice with the mindset that he is the guy,” Hope said in the release. “Knowing Robert and his competitiveness, he will not take this decision for granted and, if anything, it will make him more determined than ever to solidify the starting position.”

Could this be the first step in the one-time Parade All-American getting back on the radar of NFL scouts? Don’t expect him to join

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