Draft Insider: Top 10 Senior Tight Ends

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The top 10 senior running backs, according to NFL Draft Guru Justin Van Fulpen. Counting you down to the 2012 NFL Draft…

1. Michael Egnew, Missouri – The Tiger has some of the most reliable hands among senior tight ends, which he displayed by registering 90 catches in 2010. He is long at 6’5”, but at 235-240 pounds he lacks the bulk of a true in-line tight end, so it should come as no surprise that he is not a great blocker. Egnew is an impressive athlete with the ability to stretch the defense, but if he’s going to make his living as a pass catcher, NFL teams want to see better run after-the-catch ability from the Big 12 product.  

2. George Bryan, North Carolina State – Bryan has shown steady improvement over his college career, which includes the

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