DeSean Jackson | The New Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson was preeminent lead-off man in America’s former past times of baseball and some even considered Henderson the best the game has ever seen with no one even close to being second. Henderson is baseball’s all-time leader with 1,406 steals and 2,295 runs scored. Okay, okay you’re wondering when the NFL Draft Bible started covering baseball.

The game of football might have the closet thing to Rickey Henderson in third-year wide out DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson is known for his big plays for big yards that end up being big scores. Maybe others have taken notice but after going Inside The Numbers, the idea of Jackson being the football’s version of Rickey Henderson became reality.

It’s inconsequential that the average kicker in the NFL is bigger than the 5’10 and 175 former California Golden Bears, Jackson has proven once again that little

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