Dallas–Super Week For A Super Bowl Virgin

The taste of my first Super Bowl week was like being in high school and finally arriving on college campus. The number of people was overwhelming, so much so that 2011 Miss America, Teresa Scanlan, stood next to me several times on ‘Radio Row’ and I just assumed it was another pretty face that decided to wear a tiara. I dropped the ball on that one, but I can be forgiven—I’m a Super Bowl media rookie. I’m no John Clayton, who’s attended 35 of these things. Oh yeah, you might be wondering what ‘Radio Row’ is: it’s a collection of radio and television stations centrally located in a convention room setting. This year’s media headquarters was at the Sheraton Dallas.

From Miss America, to actor Hugh Jackman and Super Bowl winner and HOF quarterback Joe Montana, celebrity faces were everywhere. It was pretty clear that this was

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