Cotton Bowl: On Location With Bo Marchionte

Sitting in the host hotel and working on a piece about LSU Tigers’ junior defensive Patrick Peterson, I heard a knock on the door saying, ‘Housekeeping.’ At first I thought I was reliving the scene from the movie Tommy Boy. Upon opening the door I was greeted by a cart loaded with fancy nuts, sleeves of chocolates truffles and white chocolate poker-shaped tokens with the Cotton Bowl logo stamped on them, compliments of the Cotton Bowl itself. When I closed the door, it occurred to me that America might be missing this Lone Star State classic. Overlooked perhaps, it seems the Cotton Bowl no longer captivates our attention. So much so that last year I had to argue with a friend as he told me that it no longer existed, which made me laugh and reply, “I guess my flight to Texas leads to nowhere.” It hit me

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