Clayton Harbor | Catching On In Philadelphia

According to ESPN’s Matt Mosley, fourth round pick Clay Harbor will eventually be the Eagle’s second tight end. Him and quarterback Kevin Kolb have had good chemistry thus far in practice and he appears to have better route running ability than fellow tight end Cornelius Ingram.

Franek’s Take:
With the Eagles being such a pass-happy offense it makes sense that they would want the more polished route runner and pass-catcher to be behind Brent Celek. They have never been big on blocking tight ends so if you can’t go out and make plays as a receiver, then by default you drop to third on the depth chart, or at least it seems. Thanks to current backup Cornelius Ingram coming off ACL surgery, Harbor has been able to get extra reps and has taken full advantage of it while continuing to impress everyone who watches the small school

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