Bryan Bulaga Discusses Thyroid Condition

Early in his junior season last fall, Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga was stricken with a viral infection in his thyroid that caused fatigue, a loss of stamina and an increased heart rate. He missed three games and lost 10 pounds before returning to the lineup at left tackle. The first question Bulaga has heard from nearly every team considering him in the first round of the NFL draft was about his thyroid condition.

“It was a three-week thing that ran its course and now it’s gone,” Bulaga said at the NFL combine. “I’ve been checked by doctors at the Mayo Clinic and by my doctor at the University of Iowa, both endocrinologists. I’ve been cleared by both of them.

“Teams just ask me what it is, is it a lingering effect? My agent has sent out a statement from both doctors to every team doctor. I don’t

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