Brandon Graham Unstoppable in Camp

ESPN’s Matt Mosley reports that rookie defensive end Brandon Graham has “exceeded everyone’s expectations” in training camp. Graham is purportedly running circles around offensive linemen who don’t know what to do with him.

Mancini’s Take: Graham has all the tools to be a difference maker from Day One. At this rate, Philly may just have to put him in the starting lineup once the bullets start flying about a month from now. Graham’s teammates have been extremely impressed by the former Wolverine’s lightening quick hands and his ability to get real low when powering his way past helpless blockers. The high effort defensive end is hard to stop once he gets his opponent to turn his shoulders. Graham’s emergence will undoubtedly free up Trent Cole from double teams he routinely faces. While some are forecasting a letdown on the part of the Eagles this season, I’m pretty high on this

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